Poets and alumni perform at Espressions

Berlyn Reisenauer

Students and alumni gathered in the University Student Union Games Room Wednesday for a night of poetry, song and coffee at “Espressions.”

Alumni Danyial Ism, who graduated in communication studies at CSUN in 2012, started off the night with his own poem “Report Card.”

“We only have one rule here and that’s respect the poet,” Ism said. “If you are feeling a poem, let me hear you snap. If you are really feeling a poem say ‘woo’ or just get up and clap.”

The audience did snap, clap and ‘woo’ to show their support.

Performers included current students, alumni, new poets and members of the CSUN Slam Poetry Team. All performers covered topics of love, sexuality, life, family and Black History Month.

Alejandro Davila, sophomore liberal arts major, performed for the third time and dedicated his poem to his sister. He said he often writes for his family.

“I make it a point to get pictures and records to show my mom and sister,” Davila said.

Also performing was Keke West, who graduated in communications studies, spoke about the comfort and support of the event.

“This is family, this is home,” West said, who performs her poetry two to three times a month.

West also performs at the Bakery Lounge in North Hollywood and the Poetry Lounge in Bakersfield, where she is from.

“I moved here right after I graduated from high school, and through activism this campus is how I found my voice,” West said.