Daniel Seddiqui to speak about “50 Jobs in 50 States” at Grand Salon

Jason Gallaher

Daniel Seddiqui, author of “50 Jobs in 50 States: One Man’s Journey of Discovery Across America,” will be speaking to the CSUN community on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 4 p.m.

Seddiqui will discuss his journey across America in which he held a job for one week in all 50 states.

Seddiqui’s jobs varied greatly from state to state. He held positions such as a rodeo clown in South Dakota, a border patrol agent in Arizona, and a wedding coordinator in Las Vegas.

The USU said that in his lecture, “Living the Map,” Seddiqui reassures students that their career dreams can be realized, even if they have to achieve them by creative means.

According to testimonial on his website, Seddiqui said his goal is to help Americans understand each other’s lives, respect each other’s hard work and stimulate peoples’ curiosity about different lifestyles.

After his lecture, Seddiqui will hold a Q&A; and book signing after his speech in the USU Grand Salon. The first 20 people to attend will receive a free copy of Seddiqui’s book.