Film screening of Syrian civil war will be at VPAC

Areli Rodriguez

Students will have the opportunity to view the documentary “The Suffering Grasses: when elephants go to war, the grass suffers” a film by Iara Lee that brings awareness about the Syrian conflict through the personal experiences of civilians who are suffering to achieve freedom and bring peace to their country.

The film demonstrates how families are being displaced, civilians are being killed and what the civilians are doing to bring change in Syria.

After the film, Syrian artist Fadia Afashe and her husband actor Jihad Abdo will be discussing the film. Afashe and Abdo fled from Syria and currently live in LA.

After the discussion Afashe will display her art works “I Rise” in the New Sahara Gallery. The New Sahara Gallery is located off campus at 18860 Nordhoff St. suite 202.

Parking is free in the new gallery for the viewing of the artworks and refreshments will be served.

The event will start at 4p.m. Wednesday and the film will be screened in Kurland Hall room 181 in the VPAC.