USU board of directors hold off on fee increase

Cynthia Gomez

The University Student Union board of directors placed a hold on a fee increase for the 2013-2014 academic year on March 4.

The fee would have been a total of $4.00 added to each student’s tuition for next year.

“The USU had already been approved to implement a one-time $2.00 operational fee increase and a $2.00 per year inflation adjustment increase for all students that was to go into effect the fall of 2013,” Vice Chair Demontae Thompson said.

The fees would maintain the Debt Service Coverage Ratio, which measures the ability of an organization to meet its annual debt service payment. The Chancellor’s Office requires a 1.25 ratio, which means that there is $1.25 of net income to pay for each dollar of annual debt service.

The February 2013 long-term financial plan indicated that because of a conservative budget, the USU is able to delay implementation of the fee.