Workshop to address grad school concerns

Jenny Lee

CSUN, University Student Union (USU) and the Matador Involvement Center (MIC) are teaming up to inform students about graduate school in a workshop Feb. 25 at 1 p.m.

During the event, which will take place in the Executive Conference room, Komal Tejwani, will address seven guidelines for graduate school and what students face between undergraduate and graduate.

‘Some of the (seven) guidelines include defining your values, finding a mentor, and networking,’ said Tejwani, who is a Master’s student in College Counseling and Student Services.

Tejwani said that defining your values is very important since it’s what makes you stay persistent in graduate school. With identifying values come balancing the different aspects of your life whether physical, mental, and spiritual.

Finding a mentor benefits students a lot, said Tejwani. It not only gives them a role model, but someone to push and encourage students on the road to success.

The workshop will aim to appease student anxieties like the state of the current economy.

‘With the people being laid off in today’s economy, it makes me worried about what could I do with just an undergraduate degree,’ said Christina Tajyar, junior family and consumer science major.

Tajyar is interested in knowing what graduate schools continue to expand her family and consumer sciences major, specifically in apparel design and production.’ ‘ ‘

‘I guess if I want to teach apparel design I would go to graduate school,’ she said, ‘because I have a teacher who has a Ph.D. in it.’

Students who have jobs are also worried about graduate schools, because of time management.

‘School will be two times as hard as it is now,’ said junior David Dang. ‘I also have to balance school with work.’

Dang is a sociology major, who plans to attend either CSUN or University of Southern California for graduate school.

‘I want to be able to have enough money for survival,’ said Dang. ‘I won’t be able to get a lot with just a Bachelors.’

Tejwani will teach students how to make use of campus resources such as the Career Center, University Counseling Services and the Graduate Studies Office to further their careers.

The registration for the workshop is now online at: