Meet your A.S. candidates

Ashley Gordon

1. If you have held a leadership position in the past what have you accomplished?
2. What issue(s) are currently affecting students most?
3. What is the biggest obstacle to accessible education?
4. If elected where will you channel your resources?

Mariel Reyes
Running for: At-large senator
Year: Junior
Major: Political Science

Current Activities: Delta Delta Delta

1. ‘I was a senator at Alemany High School. We accomplished school spirit events like pep rallies. We created floats and decided on allocation for homecoming events and venues for events.’
2. ‘For the school at large it would be the increase cost in tuition and lack of accessibility in classes. People are waitlisted and don’t get the classes that they want which goes hand in hand with the graduation rate.’
3.’ ‘ ‘ ‘It would definitely be the tuition cost. The difficulty in trying to find money for books and trying to find money for education. Also, because you also have to work while you’re going to school. One of our slate, Students for Change, principles is increase the funding for the university scholarship program.’
4.’ ‘ ‘ ‘Definitely promoting school spirit and a push for CSUN to be more green. Also, more involvement of the student body in A.S. affairs.’

Dan Monteleone
Running for: Graduate division senator
Year: Graduate student
Major: Political Science

Current Activities: University Student Union, Model UN

1. ‘I previously served as the USU board of directors chair. During that time, I’ve overseen several additions to the USU including expansion of the Games Room, development of the Student Development ‘amp; International Programs and the referendum for the development of the Student Recreation Center.’
2. ‘Issues currently affecting students the most are the budget cuts and lack of open classes. Because of the budget cuts there are very few courses offered in the majors.’
3.’ ‘ ‘ ‘The biggest obstacle is students having to balance their academic lives with their jobs and the financial situation during this economic downturn.’
4.’ ‘ ‘ ‘I will make sure that the Associated Students spend their money responsibly due to the limited budget. Now it is more important than ever to spend the student’s money wisely.’

Devin O’Neal
Running for: At-large senator
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science

Current Activities: Co-Director of Membership – Black Student Union, NAACP CSUN Chapter member

1. ‘Currently I’m a member of the Black Student Union. I’m also a member of the NAACP. Before all that, in high school I was a part of several student organizations. I made sure every aspect of culture was recognized and every aspect of the student body was recognized.’
2. ‘I believe the issue affecting students the most is the tuition increase because if students can’t afford to go to college then we are failing as a representative body of the students. If we put all our money into the resources for students, with the increases the resources are going to remain dormant.’
3.’ ‘ ‘ ‘I think the biggest obstacle for most students is with the tuition increases. Financial aid is being cut so that accessibility isn’t there for students to go to school. Education should be available to everyone despite socioeconomic status. We should have an open dialogue the CSU system at large so they can understand the gravity of the budget cuts and tuition increases.’
4.’ ‘ ‘ ‘I would channel my resources into retention and graduation rates. Right now they are deplorable. Advisement is failing students if they are not retaining students and students aren’t graduating. I would try to make advisement an effective tool. I think advisement needs to be addressed and retention rates need to improve.’

Carlos Hernandez
Running for: At-large senator
Year: Junior
Major: Central American Studies

Current Activities: Club Soccer University Northridge, A.S. Advising Parking Committee, Central American United Student Association (CAUSA)

1. ‘The Club Soccer Team was started by Joel Torres and I back in spring of 2007. What I accomplished with the soccer team was to create a structure for the team and a charter. I’m the president for the club and creator for the club too.’
2. ‘We definitely have to think about the increase in payment for tuition. Another one would be parking. I’m the student body representative for the parking committee. Another thing is that most students don’t know what is being offered to them through the campus quality fee and what services are available to them.’
3.’ ‘ ‘ ‘The biggest obstacle is books because books are really important in regards to education. Teachers expect you to have books but some people don’t have the money. There is a program we are working on with Dr. Watkins. It’s called Rent-A-Book. It works with professors and asks them to use the book for three years (in regards to those professors who sign up for their students to have the option of renting books through the program).’
4.’ ‘ ‘ ‘First of all, we want to increase funding for clubs and orgs. One of the things that the Conscious Students United for Northridge (CSUN) slate is for students to have a good college experience. We would like to create a textbook program online, like a Craigslist. Also, distribute allocations better for student programs.’