School spirit at least for a day

Sahil Shah

Even though it wasn’t noon yet the walls of the Pub were packed wall to wall with people. Despite it being hard to move the campus community was yelling and cheering in excitement for the men’s basketball team as they played the first round in the NCAA Tournament.

‘It’s exciting we’re on the edge of our seats,’ said Gianna Wilkins, graduate recreation tourism and management major during the first half. ‘In the second half I hope we bring it and come out with the same intensity.’

Miguel Segura, president of Associated Students, was at the Game’s Room watching the game. While the room may not have been as full as the Pub there was the same level of excitement.

‘It’s exciting to see our University in the NCAA Tournament,’ Segura said. ‘I’m still proud of them no matter what. They put our school and team on the map.’

Ultimately the Matadors lost to Memphis 81-70.