Easy tips for growing your own food

Easy tips for growing your own food

Brita Potenza

By Brita Potenza
April 18th, 2013
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Growing your own garden is an affordable option for food that ensures your vegetables are 100 percent untouched by chemicals. It can also give you a sense of gratification. Here are some quick tips on how to grow your own vegetable garden with the help of Erica Wohldmann, a CSUN psychology professor involved with the Institute of Sustainability. She believes growing your own garden will allow a reconnection to nature, leading to a more sustainable future.

1. Consider a container garden to start

It is important to plan out how much space you have, how much time you can devote to your project and how much you would like to spend. If you have a small outdoor space, a container garden is an excellent start.

“It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s essentially a garden that is in a container and not in the ground,” Wohldmann said.

Almost anything, including pots, wine boxes or even raised garden beds can be used.

Home Depot garden specialists suggest container gardens are better than growing directly from the ground mainly because it allows greater control over the soil quality.

Read up on how large your vegetables can grow. A tomato plant, for instance, can grow to be around seven feet tall, so plant according to the space you have and do not overcrowd your plants.

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