‘Snapshots’ honors dead students

Alexander Viray

The dance program at CSUN is one that often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, but this weekend ‘Snapshots – A Dance Experience’ put on a show proving that it is not one to be overlooked. The performance was sponsored by the Department of Kinesiology and College of Health and Human Development and took place on March 28 at the Plaza Del Sol Performance Hall.

The show also honored the passing of one of the dancers, Roger Nunez, from Northridge Academy High, and the death of CSUN kinesiology major Jessica Rawles.

The Presidential Scholars Performance honored two recipients of its award, Evan Rosenblatt and Sunny Reichert. All of the dance pieces were choreographed by Rosenblatt and Reichert. They created a show that was well arranged and very creative.

The event not only showcased the talents of CSUN students, but also students from outside of the university. Neighboring Northridge Academy High School was chosen as the site for a community arts outreach program which included these students in the performance. The main focus of the program was to bring the artistic opportunity of dance to students in the community.

‘It was very thoughtful that they used their grant money to teach the kids to dance,’ said Eric Leon.

Rosenblatt and Reichert were the main two featured dancers in the performances, but dozens of others were included. The dance not only encompassed performers of different backgrounds, but of different skill levels.

The show encompassed various different styles of dance routines in nine dance ensembles that ranged from hip-hop to ballet. All of the performances were incredibly engaging and each displayed its own element of individuality. One of the dance numbers integrated the use of basketballs and humor to make for a very unique and original performance.

‘It was good, very entertaining,’ said audience member Kevin Thatcher. ‘It wasn’t just one thing the whole time.’

The dancing was exquisite, especially the ballet pieces. Rosenblatt executed ballet in a many that words could barely describe. He proved why he was chosen as a Presidential Scholars Award recipient. Rosenblatt’s grace and poise on stage was very refreshing to see in a male performance, and it was obvious that he had put large amounts of time and effort into creating an astounding performance.

‘It was amazing, it was very touching and moving,’ said audience member Brittney Frenkel.