Lessons of dating can?t be found in a textbook

Eric Gonzalez

Having a connection with someone is a great thing. When it is a member of the opposite sex, it seems to be even better.

The problem with having that special bond and keeping it is you may have to walk the plank into the relationship pool.

With exams, jobs, extra-curricular activities and all the other nonsense that goes into college life, it could be a difficult thing to put on yourself. So is it best to be in a relationship while in college?

‘Relationships are good because they are very supportive,’ said Shay Rhodes, a 21-year-old business law student. ‘Your partner is there to hopefully relieve the stress of everyday tedious activities.’

Having a relationship while in school is something that just happens for most people.

‘I never was really the relationship type but the one I’m in just fell into place,’ said Rhodes.

But relationships aren’t always the most important things while in school.

In an article titled ‘Why the Smartest People Have the Toughest Time Dating,’ Dr. Alex Benzer talks about the benefits of dating while in college rather than waiting until you graduate.

In his article, Benzer discusses how parents and professors can’t really teach a young adult how to’ extend compliments, give attention-but not too much attention or be caring without being needy.

Freshman Nicholas Serinil found out relationships are a tough thing to handle while in college.

‘I haven’t done too well with dating so far in school,’ said Serinil. ‘It’s something that I look to get into eventually but I learned right now isn’t the best time.’

Serinil wouldn’t mention exactly why he is avoiding a steady relationship, but he said being in a previous one was a little crazy.

But it seems that relationships themselves are crazy.

‘There is a lot of stress that goes into having a relationship,’ said Dianna Hodge, a 20-year-old child development major. Hodge said another thing that causes problems is little fights.

‘Petty fights and the annoyance of always being with them can be a problem, especially when you have school work to deal with,’ said Hodge.

‘If you get in a fight you want to fix problems and don’t want to go to class,’ said Rhodes.

With every relationship there are always things to complain about, but it is agreed that it’s good to test the waters and be in a relationship while in school rather than waiting until after graduation.

‘I think that if you focus only on school you lose out on a lot of experiences,’ said Sahar Ghaemi, a 22-year-old child development major. ‘If all I did was study I wouldn’t be the person I am today.’

Hodge feels that without the social skills one gains in college the ability to talk to someone won’t come as easy.

Ghaemi believes that above all, being in a relationship requires a lot of balance.
‘You have to be able to work hard and play hard,’ said Ghaemi. ‘It’s the only way to get the full experience of college.’

With this balance come the positives of a relationship.

‘Having someone is great because you get the feeling of acceptance and appreciation,’ said Hodge. ‘It is something different from what your friends can give you. It’s on a deeper level.’