LA mayor election results

Megan Diskin

After a long campaign Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles city councilman, defeated City Controller Wendy Greuel for the mayor’s seat, becoming the city’s first Jewish mayor.

According to the LA City Clerk’s election results Garcetti received 53% of the votes while Greuel received 46%.

Measure D, backed by the LA City Council, passed with 62.6% of the votes. This measure limits the number of dispensaries in the city to 135 and raises the tax on marijuana from $50 to $60 on all gross receipts.

Angelenos also passed Measure C in an effort to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which declared that corporations have the same constitutional rights as human beings. The ruling states that limiting a corporation’s independent expenditure spending in regards to campaign finance is unconstitutional.

However, when voters passed Measure C by 76.6% they called on elected officials to amend the law in the United States Constitution.
LA elections are known for their low voter turnout. Only 15% of eligible voters participated in this year mayoral election, one of the lowest turnouts in history.