A.S. inauguration ceremony

A.S. inauguration ceremony

Brittany Chenelle

AS Inaug
Talar Alexanian and Christopher Woolett at the A.S. inauguration ceremony. They were sworn into office as the new vice president and president for the 2013-2014 school year. Photo credit: Brittany Green / Daily Sundial

CSUN Associated Students (A.S.) held their inauguration ceremony for the upcoming school year Friday, June 14.

The ceremony took place at the USU where Christopher Woolett and Talar Alexanian were sworn into office as the new president and vice president of the 2013-2014 school year.

General Manager David Crandall opened the ceremony and introduced Dr. WIlliam Watkins, vice president of Student Affairs.

Dr.Watkins addressed the crowd and brought greeting on behalf of President Harrison who was unable to attend the ceremony.

During his speech, A.S. president Woolett stressed his desire to collaborate with the entire university. As a candidate, Woolett goals for the year were, “to train the senate and to work together to find out what goals they wanted to put forward and how to accomplish these goals as a collaborative unit.” Woolett assured the crowed that his goals has not changed and he will uphold the same vision while in office.

Woolett believes that working together with the university will help efficiently serve the students.

“I think (what’s) really going to be the focus this year is collaborating with the university and university entities to get priorities done,” Woolett said.

“Not just our priorities, but others priorities so that we can better serve the student population here at CSUN.”

Vice president Alexanian plans to tackle a number of different tasks during the year, but said her primary goal is to build a closer relationship with students.

“Maintaining communication (with) students, maintaining visibility to make sure that we’re doing the best we can on our part to make sure students know what’s going on in A.S., our programs and services, student government, but also all the other entities on campus,” Alexanian said.

Along with Woolett and Alexanian, the new senators of each college were also sworn into office last Friday.