KCSN news update; Supreme Court throws back Prop 8, clearing way for same-sex marriage

Mona Adem


The Supreme Court throws back Prop 8 to the lower court

The U-S Supreme Court issues a ruling that is likely to allow gays and lesbians to marry in California, and said the sponsors of Prop 8 could not represent the state.

The LAUSD provides free i-Pad to its students

The Los Angeles Unified School District reaches a $30 million contract with Apple to provide every student with an i-Pad.

The American Medial Association adopts a new measure for obesity

The American Medical Association adopts a measure that recognizes obesity to be a disease.

LA City Council approves a plastic bags ban

The Los Angeles City Council gives final approval to a ban on plastic bags.

General contractors have been fined for wage violation

Four general contractors have been fined a total of 748-thousand dollars for wage violations.


Evening Update WEDS June 26