CSUN appoints new leadership for the fall

Won Choi

For Fall 2013 CSUN appointed a new vice provost, new associate vice presidents for the Office of Research and Graduate Studies and Faculty Affairs, two new deans and a new director for the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC).

Provost and academic affairs vice president Harold Hellenbrand said his biggest concern when appointing new leaders is “if they have the proper experience” for their new positions.

CSUN’s newly appointed vice provost, Dr. Michael Neubauer, worked as a professor in the department of mathematics and liberal studies and was also the director of developmental mathematics. Neubauer became a member of faculty senate in 1996 and served as the faculty president for three years.

Hellenbrand said that he expects to maintain “enough classes for students” as the new vice provost steps into the office.

Dr. Crist Khachikian, who served as the director of research in the college of engineering, computer science and technology, was appointed as the associate vice president of Research and Graduate Studies. Khachikian is also the director of the NSF-funded Center for Energy and Sustainability in CSULA and has experiences of generating major funds for research and student/faculty development in the past.

For Faculty Affairs Dr. William Whiting was appointed as the interim associate vice president. He served as the former senior director of Academic Personnel in the Faculty Affairs.

Dr. Kenneth R. Lord was appointed as the dean for the college of business and economics. He recently served as the associate dean of the Kenia School of Management, University of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Cynthia Rawitch has been appointed as the interim dean for Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication, replacing the departing dean Robert Bucker. She joined the department of journalism as a part-time lecturer in 1973 and became a tenure-track faculty in 1984.

The newly appointed interim director of the VPAC, Dr. Steven Thachuck, worked as a full-time professor of music and coordinator of the guitar program and recently served as the chair of the department of music.