John Van Hamersveld’s work on display at the CSUN Art Gallery

Lucas Esposito

John Van Hamersveld in 2009. Photo credit: zachgibson / Flickr
John Van Hamersveld in 2009. Photo credit: zachgibson / Flickr

This fall semester the works of graphic designer John Van Hamersveld will be on display at CSUN’s Art Gallery from Aug. 26 through Oct. 12.

Drawing Attention includes 45 years of Van Hamersveld’s work in a 3,000-square-foot exhibition space.

John Van Hamersveld was born in 1941 in Baltimore, Maryland and is considered an influential figure in Southern Californian pop culture. He achieved international recognition back in the 1960’s for producing a diverse range of drawings and designs, including the poster for Bruce Brown’s classic surf film “The Endless Summer,” and the covers of psychedelic rock albums such as “Magical Mystery Tour” by The Beatles and “Exile on Main Street” by The Rolling Stones.

James Sweeters, director of CSUN’s art galleries, said that the exhibit will offer visitors a rare opportunity to explore Van Hamersveld’s personal drawing collection in one cohesive package.

“We’re expecting a big and positive response from students,” Sweeters said. “Today, most graphic designers don’t draw anymore, they use computers. All artworks in this exhibit are original and represent pop culture.”

According to the press release, there will be nearly 84 images in the exhibit. Among them will be the “Billabong Pipeline Wave,” “Bono as The Million Dollar Rock Star,” the Jimi Hendrix poster, and other popular pieces.

The exhibit will also include the Grateful Dead Skull, a design Hamersveld created that has been used as the band’s symbol for album covers, posters, and flyers.

For more information call CSUN’s Art Galleries at (818) 677-2156 or visit CSUN’s Art Gallery.