Fall 2013 Big Show tickets on sale now

Trevor Stamp

Afrojack in 2011 (Photo credit: GoTell/Flickr)
Afrojack in 2011. Photo credit: GoTell/Flickr

This year’s Big Show will take place Oct. 5 on the Oviatt lawn.

DJ Afrojack, known for his song “Take Over Control,” will play the event. Afrojack is considered a superstar and has produced music for well known artists like Beyonce and Pitbull.

Associated Students (A.S.) is selling Big Show tickets for $10 until the last week of September. Ticket prices will be raised to $20 on Sept. 21. Tickets are available for purchase now.

A maximum of two guests per student are allowed to attend the event. Guest tickets are $10 as well and must be purchased by a CSUN student.

A.S. is selling 9,000 tickets this year, scaling back from the 12,000 sold for the 2012 show.

“We just feel like [Big Show] was a little crowded for our liking,” said A.S. Producer Samantha Figueroa.

Last year the Sundial reported that audience members in the front row were crushed against the security railing. Figueroa said a transition period between show headliners Diplo and Big Sean may have caused audience members to rush the stage and crush people in the front row.

“This year we just kind of want to keep the genre of the music consistent to where we wouldn’t have that tension again,” Figueroa said.

The website for Big Show has a full list of locations on campus that are selling tickets.