Harrison informs students of emergency resource via email

Jazzmyne Bogard

President Dianne Harrison sent an email to students calling their attention to the Emergency Operations Desk Reference for Students, an important resource available online.

This desk reference guide informs students of the proper procedures to take in case of multiple emergency situations. “It would suck to not know what to do during an actual emergency,” said Jacqueline Truong, 18-year-old kinesiology major.

Emergency situations covered in the guide include medical emergencies, fires and/or explosions, hazardous materials, bomb threats and/or suspicious objects and earthquakes.

The reference desk also includes guidelines for what to do in case of a shooting. Students aren’t the only ones to receive an emergency guide. A desk reference for faculty and staff members has been provided as well.

“I’d follow the emergency procedure that the president would tell us,” said 19-year-old Emily Redding when asked what she would do in the event of an emergency, “I should probably be more prepared, but I’d follow whatever the president was saying.”

Redding wasn’t the only student who thought it was important to be ready when faced with an emergency. 18-year-old Tiffany Khoo also had a response regarding the emergency situation help desk. “It’s going to help a lot,” said Khoo. “Especially if we don’t know what to do in class and there’s an emergency, we can look at it and hopefully get to safety.”