USU appoints CSUN student as new Board of Directors member

USU appoints CSUN student as new Board of Directors member

Vera Castaneda

Kandee Malen Bracero, 23, senior management major, was added to the Board of Directors for the USU during their meeting on Sept. 16, 2013 in the Grand Salon room. Photo credit: Trevor Stamp / Daily Sundial

The University student union (USU) Board of Directors (BOD) welcomed a new board member during their monthly meeting Monday in the USU Grand Salon.

Kandee Bracero, a CSUN undergraduate student and business management major, plans on working with the retirement committee to get an idea of what students need and want.

“The USU BOD is able to listen to students and give them programs and services that fulfill their needs. I want to be part of that,” Bracero said.

The USU BOD is usually comprised of 10 students and six staff representatives, according to the USU website. Throughout the school year, USU hosts free events for the CSUN community such as Noontime Concerts, Neon Lights, and Matador Nights, the most popular free event of the year.

The chair and vice chair of the USU board interviewed Bracero for her position.

“It was really impressive how much she knew about the union. She actually spoke about the pride center and the veteran’s center,” said Perlita Varela, vice chair of the USU. “It’s amazing how a student knew about the services. We are just happy to have her.”

Bracero will join five other student USU BOD members.

Executive Secretary Debra L. Hammond requested that Bracero say a few words about herself before appointing her as a board member.

At the podium, Bracero introduced herself and described her goals for the board. The motion for her to join passed unanimously and Bracero took a seat along with her colleagues for the rest of the meeting.