Klotz Health Center offers influenza shots for the upcoming flu season

Roy Azoulay

Klotz Student Health Center began offering  influenza vaccines, more commonly know as the flu, to all students, faculty and staff Tuesday.

For students who have yet to receive a flu shot, an appointment must be made to receive the vaccine. The shot costs only $15 making it much cheaper than most clinics in the area.

“We’ve received the vaccine a little earlier this year, last year we got them in October,” said Mercedes Gallup, the Nursing and Clinical Support unit supervisor at Klotz.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that anyone above the age of six-months get vaccinated once a year.

“Washing your hands is the most effective way to reduce the risk of getting the flu but we still highly recommend getting the vaccine as a precautionary measure,” said Gallup.

The Klotz Student Health Center only offers the inactivated flu vaccine. The inactivated vaccine is administered as an intramuscular shot to the deltoid, or shoulder, as opposed to the live influenza vaccine which is administered as a nasal spray.

The process is quick and brief. “Barring any wait times in the waiting room, it takes about 3 minutes,” said Gallup.

After the shot is administered it takes about two weeks for protection from the influenza virus to develop.

According to Sharon Aronoff, the health educator at the Klotz Health Center, the advantages of getting the vaccine on campus along with the reduced cost is easy access and availability for students, faculty and staff.

“I definitely plan on getting vaccinated this year,” said Melissa Juarez, a junior communications major. “It’s worth it, being sick with the flu is no joke”.

Aronoff also said those with health insurance might be able to get reimbursed through their insurance company as the health center does not accept health insurance.

For more information on flu vaccinations or to make an appointment, call the Klotz Student Health Center at 818-677-3692, or visit their website at www.csun.edu/shc.