CSUN student arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment at Transit Center

Jazzmyne Bogard

Tuesday morning a CSUN student was arrested by campus police on suspicion of false imprisonment that took place at the Transit Center.

According to the crime alert, when the bus pulled into the Transit Center at 7:50 a.m., a man blocked passengers from exiting the bus.

When a female student attempted to exit the bus around him and asked to leave the suspect told her “no” and refused to move out of her way. According to the crime alert, the suspect soon turned away and exited the bus. Once the victim exited the bus the suspect proceeded to follow her and her friends as they walked toward campus.

The suspect tapped the victim on her shoulder and attempted to initiate conversation before turning away.

“The victim was able to give enough information for officers to develop a composite sketch, which then allowed the officers to make a quick arrest,” said Christina Villalobos, CSUN Police Department Public Information Officer.

Villalobos went on to say the arrested victim did not confess to a motive for his actions on the bus and what followed.

“We had a plain clothed officer on the shuttle that was able to identify the suspect that was in the sketch in addition to the witnesses account information,” Villalobos said.

According to the crime alert the incident was reported immediately after it took place. Villalobos said it is important for a crime victim to report the crime as soon as possible.

“When a crime is reported quickly not only are officers able to respond quicker but you also remember more details.”