Statewide Shakeout to commence

Calvin Ratana

CSUN will be joining millions of Californians in the ShakeOut Drill today at 10:17 a.m. in an effort to learn the necessary safety procedures in the event of a future earthquake.

The ShakeOut Drill is a statewide program that happens every year in October with schools and various organizations throughout the state.  “CSUN participates in this drill in order to practice safety procedures in the event of an emergency,” said Kit Espinosa, CSUN emergency management coordinator. “The more prepared people are for an emergency, the better they will perform during the emergency.”

The program is meant to have Californians practice the drop, cover and hold, the standard drill in the case of when an earthquake hits.

At precisely 10:17 a.m. phones will ring across campus to mark the start of the drill. Professors will then announce that the drill is commencing.

Espinosa said she hopes students will participate in the 3 to 5 minute drill in order to better prepare themselves for an earthquake.

“It is not will an earthquake happen,” Espinosa said. “It is a matter of when it will happen. I can not tell you when an earthquake will hit, however having people be prepared for a disaster will prevent it from becoming a catastrophe.”