?Fancast.com?:the ultimate entertainment website

Briaune Knighton

Between work, studying and sleep, students don’t always have the time to watch their favorite shows and better yet go to the movies to catch a feature film. Now the relief of a life deprived of entertainment is just one click away with the new website Fancast.com.

‘Fancast is the ultimate online entertainment experience’ said Kate Noel, Fancast.com spokesperson.

This new website, which was developed by Comcast, allows anyone to get free access to their favorite televisions shows, movies, and entertainment clips all in one place.

‘We noticed people were going online to watch more videos and television shows, so we figured we could connect with many more people online,’ said Noel.

Comcast is connected to all of the major networks as they have been serving the public through cable for over 40 years. The next ideal step was to start a site online. This site allows users to access items from blogs, to movie clips, and even celebrity interviews.

‘There’s a variety of shows on the site. From NBC’s ‘Heros,’ to ‘The Office’, to ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘One Tree Hill’,’ said Lisa Ferri, a Comcast representative.

These shows are updated every morning, so if someone missed the last episode of ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ they can catch it the next morning rite on the Fancast website. Shows can easily be found through the directory of shows and also by searching by the networks listed.

‘There is also an embeddable player on Fancast that allows you to embed shows on sites such as Facebook and share them with your friends,’ said Noel.

Fancast also has a section completely dedicated to politics and the recent presidential elections. Users can easily access the recent presidential and vice presidential debates on the site. The site also includes blogs about the presidential election process and even clips from rallies.

Another aspect of the site is that instead of just viewing shows on the website, Fancast also allows users to buy episodes to keep, the Fancast Store, for as low as $1.99. Movies are also available to rent, starting at $3.99, and buy, starting at $9.99. So the entertainment doesn’t have to stop at the site, users can take them with them while on the go.

This site seems ideal for a college student, states Noel.

‘With Fancast, you can watch your favorite shows while outside studying and even at the library,’ said Noel.

‘It really enables you to watch content where ever you are and it’s free.’

Overall, Fancast is relieves stress of the everyday world by giving the public the opportunity to access entertainment right on the site. No matter what time it is, or location, its almost impossible to miss a show with Fancast.