Garage band-themed Student Showcase sold-out

Chandelor Armstrong

This Wednesday a variety of talent from the CSUN community will perform during the sold-out annual Student Showcase at 7 p.m.  

Last year 10 acts participated in the showcase,  and this year 11 acts will participate.  USU Events Supervisor Audrey Martinez explained that this year’s event features music, dance and poetry performances.

There will be a total of five winners of the showcase. The judges will select a grand prize winner who will receive a $300 professional photo shoot as well as a $300 monetary prize. Winners for overall expression such as music, dance and poetry will receive a $200 monetary prize.  The fan favorite winner will receive a $150 monetary prize.  

Last year’s theme for the event was “In the streets, a New York theme” according to Martinez.  This year is a “Garage band theme.”

“Every person who has a dream of performing typically starts off in their parent’s garage” said Martinez.  “It’s really (about) that humble beginning and seeing where they are now and being able to share their talent with everyone” said Martinez.   

According to the USU website “audience members can participate in a dance competition for a chance to win a Matador Bookstore gift certificate.”  

Because this year’s event is sold-out there will be a standby line.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and there will be an area by the A.S. ticket office with stanchions for standby.  If students who purchased tickets early do not attend, individuals in the standby line are free to purchase available tickets.

CSUN Hip Hop Team, dance group Committed Feet, ukulele player Gabriel Ylo and poet Jealinda Mills are just a few of the acts that will be performing Wednesday.  

“We are excited, anxious and ready to bring it,” said Christina Moffitino, CSUN Hip Hop Team president, in regards to her team’s performance in the showcase. “ We are performing a five and half minute set with an Egyptian theme.”  

DJ Mal-Ski will spin at the event and Chris Spencer, actor and comedian, will guest emcee the showcase.