Another suspect snaps picture of victim using the restroom

Esmeralda Careaga

Campus police are searching for a suspect who entered the women’s restroom on the first floor of Manzanita Hall and snapped a photo of a woman using the bathroom Wednesday night.

The suspect allegedly stood in front of the stall, reached over the door,  and took photos or a possible video of the victim before fleeing the scene, according to the crime alert.

The incident occurred around 8 p.m. and was reported to campus police by 8:30 p.m.

Two similar incidents have occurred on campus over the past months in the Bayramian Hall bathroom on the first floor.

Campus police are still investigating the incidents and whether the three are related.

If anyone has seen the victim of a similar incident or has information regarding the suspects, campus police are advising them to contact CSUN PD Investigations Unit at (818) 677-3826 or (818) 677-3901 as soon as possible.