CSUN student charged with filing fake police report

Loren Townsley

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has charged a CSUN student with filing a false police report claiming she awoke to a man standing above her touching her bare leg, earlier this month.

According to the press release, after CSUN PD investigated the crime they concluded that no crime had been committed and requested the attorney’s office to take action.

The attorney’s office reviewed the case presented by campus police before deciding to file charges of false reporting against 19-year-old, Yeni Martinez.

In a story reported by the Daily Sundial, Martinez said the suspect stole a box full of important documents such as her birth certificate, social security card and more.

She also said that she was concerned campus police were not taking her report seriously.

“They are just accusing me of this not making sense. I know it’s not making sense—it’s not making sense to me either how this happened,” Martinez said in a past interview.

In response to her statement, police Capt. Alfredo Fernandez said that the two officers gathering information for the report were following protocol and ruling out every possible option.

“We’re just trying to solve this case. It’s important for us to try to get all the facts (and) put it together,” Fernandez said. “What happened to the young lady is a huge concern to us. We just want to make sure that we put together a good case and ultimately find this person.”

CSUN officials have not provided any information about what this means for her future at the university.

More information to come.