A.S. elections to be reheld this week

Adolfo Flores

Students are invited to take to the polls, once again, to vote for the senators that will be representing them for the next year. The special elections will be held today, Nov. 12 and 13 due to the elections being cancelled two weeks ago after it was reported that the electronic system used for the elections was malfunctioning.

While Associated Students spent $14,000 on those elections the university has offered and will pay for the special elections.

‘I don’t want to blame anybody,’ Mazen Hafez said in a previous interview. ‘But the event speaks for itself, all the problems that were coming up were online related and technology related.’ Even the issues with poll workers was because the online system wasn’t working. I think you can draw your own conclusions.’

For Hafez the university offering to pay means that they have admitted it was an error on their part.

‘It’s pretty much my interpretation, they wouldn’t be paying for it otherwise,’ he said.

Students can vote at Matador Walk, where voter guides will be available, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. After the polls close on Thursday, the ballots will be counted by hand.