A.S. passes resolution to allow rent-a-car service on campus

A.S. passes resolution to allow rent-a-car service on campus

Elizabeth Ohanian

CSUN Associated Students passed a resolution this Monday to provide the use of Zipcar on campus. Zipcar would make vehicles accessible to students for a small fee. Photo credit: Pilar De Haro / Contributor

CSUN Associated Students (A.S.) passed a resolution this Monday to provide the services of Zipcar on campus.

Zipcar is a car rental service that allows students to rent a car of their choice either for a couple of hours or for an entire day.

Natalie Iorlano, the vice chair of Environmental Affairs for A.S., wrote the resolution.

“Zipcar will not only benefit students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community but it will lower gas emissions, parking congestion, and encourage students that do drive to take public transit in combination with Zipcar,” Iorlano wrote.

Universities such as USC have been using Zipcar services on their campus successfully and now the same service will be available at CSUN.

Whether it be for an hour or a day, students will be able to rent a car, with gas and insurance included, through the Zipcar service.

With Zipcar, students either purchase a membership or pay by the hour. Memberships start as low as $6 a month and the cost of driving by the hour ranges from $8 to $10.

Once students have registered and been approved, they will receive what is called the Zipcard. This card will give students access to the car of their choice.

Sedans, hybrids and vans are some of the few types of cars students can choose but the fancier the car, the higher the price per hour.

Andreas Cano, 20, business major, thought the service would be helpful to students.

“I think it’s a cool idea if you just need a car to get you around for a couple of hours,” said Cano, who was in the gallery during the A.S. meeting.

A.S. also announced the Member of the Month award during this week’s meeting.

The award for the month of November went to Elsa Lewis, the Family Child Care Network supervisor.

Lisa-Mone LaMontagne, A.S. chair of personnel, awarded Lewis with a certificate and a bouquet of red roses.

“It was really tough choosing the member of the month this time,” LaMontagne said. “There were so many great nominees, thank you for your support.”

A.S. General Manager David Crandall also stepped up to the podium during the open forum to congratulate Lewis on receiving the award.

“Not only is she helping students (at) CSUN but also children that are younger,” Crandall said.

In other news, A.S. allocated $24,400 to several organizations on campus.

The Inter Fraternity Council for recruitment workshops received $3,000. They are the collective governing body and policy-making organization of the fraternity system at CSUN, according to their website.

The CSUN Photojournalism Club was given $2,700 for their talk with American photojournalist Ed Kashi.

$850 was allocated to the CSUN Peace Club for their Peace Education Program. This is a class that the peace club attends along with others who wish to join in order to get more educated on the meaning of peace and how to live more peacefully.

A.S. also allocated $800 to the Tau Sigma National Honor Society for their annual budget and about $2,050 went to the CSUN Theatre Guild for their production of “Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead.”

The play takes place in a world where the characters of the famous Peanuts cartoon are in their teenage years.

The last and largest allocation of $15,000 went to the CSUN A.S. for future event accessibility.