Pancakes and silent disco at annual “Final Flip”

Michelle Dominguez

The last three weeks of the semester have arrived, which means finals are fast approaching. In an effort to keep students motivated and mentally stimulated during finals, the annual “Final Flip” will be taking place today at 8 p.m.

Associated Students (A.S.) will provide free food and games to students in front of the Oviatt Library while they cram late for their finals. Around 2,000 students are expected to attend the “Nightmare Before Christmas” themed Final Flip this semester.

Apart from feeding students, A.S. will also entertain students with CSUN’s first silent disco.

“Instead of having music amplified throughout the campus, the music will be played throughout the headphones,” said Eric Planas, the senior producer of the A.S.

Having ordered 80 headphones from a company in San Francisco, each one will be equipped with a USB drive that connects to the DJ’s audio system and transmit to the headphones.

“You only hear music through the headphones, so it’s not loud and you’ll see 80 people just randomly dancing,” Planas said.

The food will be catered and each student will be given up to two pancakes topped with fruit and maple syrup as well as coffee, tea or juice.

Students are free to come and go by eating their delicious treats on available high tables.

Planas said the whole purpose of the event is not merely to pass out free food to students, but rather to allow students to relax from the stress of finals week and have some energy to complete their all night studying.

Psychology major Gabriel Ylo attended Final Flip last spring and enjoyed the fun and games.

“You try and get a bunch of your friends out there and just hang out, eat free pancakes and then try the obstacle course so it was just a really fun experience,” Ylo said.

Another student, Glaylee Gomez, a public health promotion major attended in the final flip last fall and remembers the long lines of students waiting to get their food.

“The line was wrapping around the library and I remember the A.S. wearing these little elf hats,” Gomez said. “It’s good that they can just have free food and students don’t have to worry about buying stuff off campus since most of those places are closed.”