Students get crafty, paint piggy banks at USU

Elizabeth Ohanian

Students walking by the CSUN Mercantile Exchange on Thursday afternoons can see projects being created at the weekly Craft Corner.

This week’s Craft Corner, the last of the semester, will allow students to paint an elephant bank and take it home. The event, hosted by the University Student Union every Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., was instituted so students can craft projects focused on a certain theme while enjoying themselves during their free time.

Each week, the theme is different and this semester Craft Corner has focused more on culture.

“The craft ties into a cultural experience so students get to enjoy listening to cultural music while making their own craft,” said Jorge Reyes, 20, assistant for events and cultures at the USU.

Reyes said during a Craft Corner event earlier this semester, students crafted their own maracas while a Mariachi band played. At another event, a Reggae band performed while students made Jamaican-style bracelets.

Even though culture played a big part in this year’s Craft Corner, that wasn’t the only theme.

“Not every Craft Corner revolves around a culture, but every two weeks we have a cultural performance that matches up with our craft time,” Reyes said.

The popularity of Craft Corner continues to increase, Reyes said.

“There’s always those students who love Craft Corner and they get excited for the next one that’s coming up, so they’re like the crafters, and more people come by each week,” Reyes said.

For Darlene Ortega, 23, fashion marketing major, crafting is a way for her to escape from the stress of her day.

“Crafting is near and dear to me,” Ortega said. “It helps me forget about anything that was bothering me beforehand,” said Ortega.

Craft Corner is a free event and all students are welcome to attend.