Celebrating Black History through student poetry



By Sam Richard

The dream continues

It continues in your name among others

It continued when your life was taken, but not in vain

The hatred tries to make the dream a pipe dream,

Eroding to a nightmare of ignorance and pride,

But I had a dream at the peak of the Lady of Liberty

I had a dream in Death Valley

I had a dream from Jamestown to Auschwitz

I have a dream in Rwanda

I have a dream in the restless land of Sudan

I have a dream all over the globe, even in the bushes of remote lands

My dream is waiting for reality

In the past your dream was for the future and it’s living in the present

My dream is your dream and it’s more precious than pearls of freedom


By Keith Ballinger

Oh so far we have come

to see such a day

from the graves of many

who lived to give their children a glorious day!

so many who have passed

who never got a chance

to hold their brotha of a different colors hand

or to stand joined together

in what is suppose to be a united land

history is the past

but without it there would be no future

I thank all those before me

for without them

there would be no black culture

they strived for the best

and stood for nothing less

abuse and battery

was but a mere test, of our strength

They never knew our race was so great!

Not only did we stand for ourselves

but for all!

Latino, Asian, Indian, Arabic

our accomplishments have helped us all

so for this month of black enlightenment

I remember those who fought for our evenhardedness

You may be gone, but our fight still goes on



By Alexandria Barabin

They come from Africa

They are known as slaves

They work and sweat

‘Til they see their graves

They tend to their families

And the master’s family too

They know not of their own destination

Except what the masters tell them to do

It was a struggle and it was a fight