White House website shows new ways to watch presidential address

Jonathan R. Diaz

President Barack Obama is expected to deliver his fifth State of the Union Address tonight, but viewers will be able to view the speech in an more sharable, enhanced format for the first time via the White House website.

A new website, Whitehouse.gov/SOTU, will allow people who watch the President’s speech to be engaged not only on television, but also on their mobile phones and tablets. The user experience will be optimized according to the type of device.

Viewers can RSVP to the address and get exclusive content from the White House like a behind-the-scenes look into how the speech is written and an Instagram series that shows a day in the life of administration officials.

When the speech is over, the White House website will have the entire speech available for viewing, including all the content that was shown before and during the speech.

For those who want a different viewing experience during the address, Obama’s speech will also be streamed on Facebook, Google + and YouTube.

The administration has been offering some form of enhanced content for Obama’s address since 2011 in the form of charts, graphs or other graphics that could be viewed on the White House’s website. This year, these graphics will be able to be instantly shared online.

Then on Wednesday, the Obama Administration will host an event called the “Big Block of Cheese Day” in which several officials will answer questions in real time various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a Google + Hangout.

The State of the Union Address will air at 6 p.m.