Award-winning environmental documentary to be screened on campus

Tushita Vidhale

Gasland Part II, an HBO documentary directed by Josh Fox will be screened on campus tomorrow. This is a free event on campus funded by the Institute for Sustainability and a non-profit organization called Food & Water Watch.

Gasland was Fox’s Oscar-nominated debut, which educated the world about hydraulic fracturing. Also known as “fracking,” this is the process of injecting chemicals underground at high pressure to extract natural gas from an oil or gas well.

After embarking on a national debate over this issue, Gasland Part II premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. It has won an Environmental Media Award.

“(It) shows how the stakes have been raised on all sides in one of the most important environmental issues facing our nation today,” according the movie website.

The film also argues that the gas industry’s portrayal of natural gas as a clean and safe alternative to oil is a myth and that fracked wells leak over time.

They can then contaminate water and air, hurting families, and endangering the earth’s climate with the potent greenhouse gas and methane.

Dr. Helen Cox, the director of CSUN Institute for Sustainability encouraged students to attend this event and create awareness about this national issue. “It’s more of a local issue and most people don’t know about fracking,” she said. “ It contaminates underground water and can even trigger earthquakes. We are hoping to put a hold on fracking and through this movie people can know their stance on this issue.” Cox is also a moderator at the panel discussion to be held after the movie.

Gasland Part II will be shown tomorrow from 7 p.m. to 9:30 pm. in the USU Theatre. Admission is free.