Upcoming events to celebrate Black History Month

Victor Frost

Victor Frost: 
It is Tuesday, February fourth, and this is Victor Frost with a Daily Sundial News Brief; a little nugget of the news that matters to you. Your News; All Day. With us is Live News Editor Jonathan Diaz.

Jonathan Diaz:

With February having arrived, the Pan-African studies department will celebrate Black History Month beginning tomorrow with a Black History Month Fair.

This fair will highlight the Black student organizations at CSUN, as well as the Pan-African studies department, and will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Plaza del Sol of the USU.

Other events include a Hip Hop Dance workshop featuring DJ Kevin Cider,  a presentation of “Soul Force: Nonviolent Personal Power as Social Change”, and “Immortal Technique” with the Hip Hop Think Tank.

For the full schedule, including dates, times, and locations, be sure to check out the link on the page for this episode.

I’m Jonathan Diaz…

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Original Article by Jonathan Diaz