Pride Center Host of LGBTQ Awareness Student Training

Victor Frost

Original Story by Joanna Jacobo

Victor Frost: It’s Monday, February 10th, and this is Victor Frost with your Daily Sundial News Brief. Your News; All Day. Here with us in-studio is Assistant Features Editor Neelofer Lodhy.

Neelofer Lodhy:
The Pride Center offered their next Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or Queer (LGBTQ) Awareness training session today in the Thousand Oaks Room. The sessions are held to motivate individuals to improve the campus climate for people who identify, or question their identity as an LGBTQ person. For someone to become an “Ally,” the term given to individuals who undergo the training at the Pride Center, one must become knowledgeable, but not necessarily an expert, about the LGBTQ community.

“We educate them on the difference between terms and… inform people about our community,” said Kimberly White, customer service attendant at the Pride Center and a co-facilitator of the awareness training.

The two-hour presentation educates students, staff and faculty on the issues and obstacles that these individuals face day to day when the environment they find themselves in is unsafe. The main focus is to help the LGBTQ community feel welcome. White said sometimes it is difficult for people to approach individuals who identify themselves as LGBTQ or are questioning their identity.

“It’s important to defend this community and to help avoid discrimination,” White said.

The Pride Center offers training sessions by department request and once a month for any individual seeking information.

This is Neelofer Lodhy with your Daily Sundial News Brief.