AS talks about improving sports programs, recycling theft

Tushita Vidhale

Brandon Martin, the director of intercollegiate athletics, sought help from AS to spread awareness about the athletic initiative programs and to help condition CSUN athletics in becoming one of the top 100 programs nationally.

“(CSUN Athletics) a facility that provides about 6000 to 10,000 seats for various athletics programs,” Martin said.

Therefore, it is a great responsibility (for the athletics dept.) to provide student-athletes with the best experience not just athletically but academically as well,” he said.

Martin said he wants to engage in more dialogue with students through AS, to learn what they want to see in the athletics program.

“I want AS involvement and feedback regarding the process of rebranding the CSUN Athletics image, right from the change in logo, look and feel,” Martin said.

Incidents of stealing cans and bottles from CSUN recycling bins have been observed on campus according to Cynthia Signett AS recycling coordinator.

She said breaking locks on the recycling bin and removing cans and bottles is considered a crime.

If students witness such incidents, they should notify the CSUN PD at (818- 677-5941)

“Do not approach or make contact with the individuals, but you can take a picture for proof,” she said.

AS also said they are making an effort to stop the use of plastic water bottles on campus and advocate environmentally friendly living.

Tiffany Zaich, chair of AS environmental Affairs, presented a video about the  “FloWater Revolution.”

In order to promote FloWater, “the AS is giving away free FloWater bottles along with a $3 prepaid FloWater cards. FloWater refill stations are located in Sierra Hall and Juniper Hall,” Miss Zaich said.

The chapter for Black Male Initiative (BMI) Organization was approved by the AS today.

This organization will conduct workshops on financial literacy, academic success workshops, which will include test taking strategies, note taking skills and overcoming procrastinating habits for all minority men said Demonte Thompson a member of the CSUN BMI organization.

On a similar note, AS also approved the Zeta Colony of The Rho Delta Chi Sorority for Asian Americans.

Regarding financial matters, AS allocated $1,947 to the Vex Robotics Club. This funding will be used to equip sensors and sensory motions to the robotic machines, said the members of the Club.

Vietnamese Student Association was allocated $800 by the AS for the Vietnamese Cultural Night event on campus.

The next AS Meeting will be on March 3 in the Grand Salon.