Internet outage affects campus internet, phones again

Jonathan R. Diaz

Parts of campus suffered another brief outage today that affected internet, wi-fi and phones. At around 9:45 a.m. students and faculty received error messages when trying to log on to the campus internet.

The last outage occurred on Feb. 24 and before that there was another one on Feb. 18. People that called Information Technology were greeted with a pre-recorded message that said there was a brief loss of power to one of the “campus data centers.”

“PPM has restored power and all services should be returning to normal function shortly,” the message said.

Hilary Baker, vice president of Information Technology (IT) said it was due to an electrical contractor performing routine maintenance in area that provides back up power to the system.

“He inadvertently shut down the system,” she said.

She said that everything should now be up and running.

“We believe we are now fully funtional,” Baker said.

Ani Bejikian, freshman biology major, was in the USU computer lab when it happened. “It didn’t affect me that much,” she said. Service was restored to campus within 20 minutes. “Patience was rewarded,” Bejikian said.

Angel Perez, consultant with the IT Help Center, said his superiors didn’t tell him much about the outage. “I was told some of the services went down.”  He said the internet and phones  are in the process of coming back up. “Unfortunately all you can do is wait,” he said.