Police find pipe bomb after routine traffic stop on Reseda and Devonshire

Mateo Melero

The Los Angeles Police Department detonated a pipe bomb at a gas station on the corner of Devonshire Street and Reseda Boulevard in Northridge, after pulling over a vehicle for speeding Wednesday afternoon.

Officers found what they believed to be a bomb on the floor of a red SUV while searching the vehicle at the ARCO gas station.

“We called in our bomb squad (who) came out and checked the device and determined that it was an explosive device,” said LAPD Captain Stephen M. Carmona.

The LAPD Bomb Squad confirmed that it was an explosive and detonated it using a bomb-disposal robot not too far from the vehicle, according to Carmona.

After detonating the pipe bomb the police searched the vehicle and found backpacks and other items that required X-rays to determine their content, according to Carmona.

“There has been no decision if it is a device or additional devices,” said Carmona. “We always have to assume that there will be other devices.”

Police continued to block off the area until the items could be identified and rendered safe, said Carmona.

The LAPD blocked off a large section around the gas station and evacuated various businesses around the area.

Traffic along Reseda Boulevard was backed up as far south as Plummer Street during the incident.

Police officers initially pulled over an adult male for driving erratically and while questioning the suspect determined that he seemed to be intoxicated and in the possession of burglary tools, said Carmona.

Police evacuated the area and closed off sections of Devonshire Street and Reseda Boulevard.

“We did make a pretty large perimeter only to keep traffic flow going,” said Carmona.

The suspect was taken to the Devonshire Police Station for questioning and no details about him could be verified by police.