Friends of Oviatt host used book sale to raise money for library


Photo Credit: Jennifer Oliva Pedroza/Contributor

Tushita Vidhale

The Oviatt Library hosted their regular used book sale Tuesday at the Oviatt Library Portico.

The book sale is organized about four times a year and presented by the Friends of the Oviatt, an organization composed of a group of people from the community that raise funds for the library.

Books from various genres were randomly arranged on wooden hand carts, with prices ranging from 25 cents to $1.75.

Gerard Aguilar, a sophomore majoring in computer science, was walking by the library when he saw the book sale and decided to stop by.

“It’s hard to search for books when they are scattered, but I ended (up) buying seven general education books for just $6.25 so I say they are cheap and in good condition,” he said.

Andrelisa Livingston II, a senior majoring in creative writing, also browsed the book selection.

“It’s great that the campus organizes such sales, I love reading and the books are about a dollar each, so it’s not a big expense to take a chance on a book,” she said.

Robert Gohstand, a member of the Friends of the Library who is also a retired CSUN geography professor, said the funds are then used to buy materials, renovate the library and benefit the library in every way possible.

Major contributions for the book sales were made by the Friends of the Oviatt Bookstore which will now be permanently closed after 14 years of business.

“The bookstore will close for complex reasons, but primarily related to the reorientation of the space within the library, basically they want the space for other purposes,” he said. “We won’t pretend that we are not sorry that it’s closing, at the consultation with the board of the directors, but the decision was made by the dean of the library,” he said.

Anthony Herrera, a senior philosophy major, said he didn’t the bookstore was well known in the library.

“It is open for a very few hours, it is not in the presence of the library, it’s all the way in the back of the first floor,” Herrera said.

The bookstore will remain open for the rest of the week from, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. After March 28, the bookstore will be permanently closed.