Copeland demonstrates development with ‘In Motion’

Over the past year, rock music has come back with an ever-fighting presence. This includes anything from hard-rock all the way through emo.

The latest contribution to rock music is the indie-pop band, Copeland, signed with The Militia Group.

Taking the next step with their writing, “In Motion,” shows the growth and maturity of any band that changes with age.

Mixing the perfect blend of pop/punk ballads and fast paced rock tunes “In Motion” keeps momentum from start to finish.

The group play instrumentals that are similar to those of Jimmy Eat World, and Aaron Marsh’s voice is similar to Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba. All this helps create that perfect mix for “In Motion.”

“No One Really Wins,” is a song about love that has gone wrong, and begins by telling us that he doesn’t want his loved one to change because he loves her the way that she is. But, due to outside forces, changes happen.

“Change if you want, but don’t you go and change for me. I will love you as you are. I didn’t mean to make you want to leave. It’s a fight between my heart and mind, no one really wins this time. In the endless fight of grace and pride, I don’t want to win this time.”

On “Pin Your Wings,” Marsh sings about either taking a chance at love or just letting it slip by.

?”Pin your wings down if it’s over now. Pin your wings down or just take a chance somehow.”

Copeland gives a surprise this time around. A bonus ep titled “Sony Connect Sessions,” with 4 acoustic tracks. Two of them being “Don’t Slow Down” and You’re your Wings” from “In Motion,” and “Take Care” and “Coffee” from “Beneath the Medicine Tree.”

Copeland has shown growth from their first full length album “Beneath the Medicine Tree,” to now with “In Motion,” and as a result they will continue to be a major force in the indie-pop/rock music scene for years to come.