How to beat the heat at CSUN


Illustration by Kristine Delicana/Illustration Editor

Rasta Ghafouri

Illustration by Kristine Delicana/Illustration Editor
Illustration by Kristine Delicana/Illustration Editor

With the heat kicking in at an upcoming high of 103 degrees this coming Saturday, students are creatively finding ways to keep themselves cool and refreshed on campus. From relaxing by the pool, to getting cool refreshments from Juice it Up, CSUN students have found ways to dodge the heat and stay active.

If we can’t find students studying in the library or working out at the student recreation center, we can find them relaxing in the shade under trees, or enjoying an iced coffee or smoothie at the cafeteria.

Armando Salazar, 18, freshman, said, “If I am not in class I mostly go to the SRC and stop at the minimart to grab a cold drink.”

The SRC is air-conditioned and offers a pool to students if they want to cool off and go for a quick swim. The university also has hydrating stations provided to students in lecture halls.

Darian Eskan, 22, senior, said,“ I like to stay hydrated, I usually go to the refill station in Manzanita Hall to get more water when I need to.”

The Manzanita Hall has a free refill station along with two stations in Sierra Hall on the first and third floor.

“Manzanita Hall has the most amount of shade outside,” said Eskan.

CSUN students can also make use of the gym; working out in between classes becomes easier when it is so hot outside. Gym clothes worn on campus becomes the norm eventually, due to the massive amount of walking to different classes around campus. We all can admit we break a sweat.

Chris Baronian, 19, sophomore, said, “You can find me at the gym, I mean you’re going to sweat anyways.”