Campus crime alert issued for bicycle thefts

Jonathan R. Diaz

A string of bicycle thefts that occurred between Sept. 20 and 30 prompted the CSUN Department of Police Services (PD) to issue a campus crime alert.  The bike thefts occurred outside Oviatt Library, Nordhoff Hall, Cypress Hall, Manzanita Hall and the University Park Apartments residential community.

The suspects were able to cut the locks to the bicycles that were secured with cable locks. Three of the the bikes were secured to open bike racks and in a residential bike compound, according to the crime alert.

The thefts happened both during morning and evening hours.

Suspects have been identified as three male Hispanics ages 25-29 ranging in height from 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches with black hair. One is average build last seen wearing a gray short sleeve shirt and one slender build last seen wearing red and white striped polo shirt.

Those that have been victims or have any information regarding these crimes are advised to call the CSUN PD Investigations Unit at (818) 677-3826 or (818) 677-6919.

CSUN PD also offered tips on preventing bike theft. They recommend students use steel U-locks instead of cable locks.

The front tire and frame should be secured to the bicycle rack when possible, never just the frame. They also recommend registering your bicycle.

Bicycle registration helps to properly identify the bike which can help improve the chances of return to the owner. Students who see someone or something suspicious should report it immediately to CSUN PD at (818) 677-2111.