CSUN PD offers tips to stay safe on Craigslist, internet sites

Shaka Dixon

Responding to the death of CSUN student Abdullah Alkadi, CSUN Department of Police Services (PD) issued tips to limit the risks associated with initiating transactions on Craigslist and similar websites.

“You can find tips all over the place about Craigslist, but we deliberately picked the ones that we thought were the most pertinent to this tragic situation,” said Anne Glavin, CSUN PD Chief. “There are a lot of safeguards in what we put together.”

Alkadi’s remains were discovered in Palm Desert on Oct. 16, over a month after listing his 2013 Audi A6 for sale on Craigslist.

A suspect, 28-year-old Agustin Fernandez of Long Beach, has been charged in Alkadi’s death with one count each of murder with a special circumstance, robbery and carjacking.

The 19 tips were released Wednesday on the CSUN PD Facebook page. They urge students to limit the communication of personal and identifiable information; ensure meetings occur before sundown in populated, public spaces; and to scale their precautions to the size of the given transaction.

“The higher the price of the item the greater the risk,” Glavin said. “The transaction that was involved in the tragic death of one our own students was in the vicinity was $35,000. That’s a lot of money when you’re dealing with a cash transaction.”

Students are welcome, at all hours, to conduct transactions in the police station, but the demands of campus and community prohibit dispatching officers to observe transactions away from the station, said Glavin.

“We recognize that people are not going to stop using Craigslist, and we aren’t saying that,” she said. “The important thing is to go into transaction with eyes wide open.”

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