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Positive thinking has more power than you think

A detail on the front desk of Unplug, a new drop-in meditation studio in Los Angeles. (Katie Falkenberg/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Be. Do. Have.

Though they may seem simple, these three words have the ability to change a person’s reality.

So often in life we become caught up in living in the future. We are programmed with the idea of reaching a certain level of success by obtaining materialistic or superficial things that will somehow bring us happiness and respect once we have achieved them.

We grow up with these ideas running through our minds, that once we have a nice car, a respectable job, a big home and whatever else we have dreamed of, then we will be successful.

We believe that having someone else love us, makes us lovable. Or once you loose those 10 pounds, then you will feel good about yourself.

But what if you could have those good feelings without having to do anything to actually achieve them?

Often, we live our lives from a “have, do, be,” perspective. Once we have the nice job, then we can do important things, then we will be happy.

However, the goal is reached and happiness is still not found. What we thought would bring us joy has now only brought disappointment, and leaving an empty feeling that leaves us searching for more. So what if we reverse the formula?

Living your life from the perspective of “be,do,have,” can lead to a more positive and healthy outlook on life and yourself.

If you were asked why somebody loves you, you would most likely name off a list. Perhaps they love you because of you’re kind, you’re funny or smart.

But what if instead of replying with a list of reasons why someone would love you, what if the answer was as simple as because you’re lovable? If you started with the feeling of already being happy, then the success of the nice job and fancy car would only be a bonus.

Declaring a feeling or state of being can actually shift your mood and perspective. By simply stating, “I am happy,” you then have the control to experience that emotion and allow yourself to feel happiness.

Every day declare one or several states of being for yourself, even if it’s the complete opposite of how you’re actually feeling. If you wake up in the morning and told yourself, “I am worthy. I am confident. I am powerful,” would you spend your day feeling a different way?

Challenge yourself to shift your frame of mind away from “when I have the life I desire, then I will be happy.” Instead, be happy, do great things and have the life you desire.

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