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Green Bag Lunch Series

You know that feeling where your brain seems to be sputtering to a halt? Researchers call that "mental fatigue," and spending time in nature...
Photo shows speaker addressing students in classroom

Workshop informs Latinx students about mental health

Blues Project graduate assistant, Abraham Ambriz, speaks about mental health in the Latinx community.

Positive thinking has more power than you think

These steps can help you have more confidence and happiness.

Mental health issues and resources at CSUN

As Northern California residents face wildfires, and Cabo residents clean up after tropical storm Odile, Matador News reporter Akeisha Nabeta reports live from CSUN campus...

Addiction to pills for depression needs to end

  “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. There’s no purpose to this, I just want to die.” I know, that’s such a cliche line to...

Optimal mental health is critical for academic success

For students lost among the responsibilities of acquiring an education, mental well-being may not seem a priority when compared to receiving a diploma. But in...

Managing anxiety on a stressful college campus

  With the pressures of starting a new chapter in life, it’s only a matter of time before anxiety sets in, a common occurrence for many...

Studies show depression affects academic progress, causes stress and chemical imbalance

There are many myths associated with depression. As mentioned in the article “7 Myths of Depression,” people often misinterpret depression as a phase that...
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