U.S.U. board talks renovation, audits

Cristina Everett

The University Student Union Board of Directors discussed renovation plans, a joint U.S.U/Associated Students audit committee and a committee renaming at a meeting June 27.

The BOD discussed the delayed opening of Phase II of the U.S.U. renovation project, which has been pushed back because of heavy rains throughout January and February of this year.

“We are about five and a half months from being finished,” said Hakim Chambers, U.S.U. renovation project coordinator. “We have built instances like this into the schedule. If something does happen, we can accommodate it.”

The project, which was scheduled to be ready for landscaping and furniture in mid-November, will be completed December 23. The building’s grand opening will take place in February 2006.

Construction progress of the $15 million renovation continues at a steady pace. The construction team has poured the slab for the Hub’s — the central structure in Phase II of the renovation — second floor.

Corporations like the U.S.U. are required by law to establish an audit committee that is responsible for hiring outside auditors and review audit findings, among other things.

Specifically, A.S. and the USU are able to form separate audit committees to discuss separate internal matters.

In discussions about the Audit Committee, the B.O.D. voted against the formation of a joint Audit Committee between A.S. and the U.S.U.

“They have their own program and do things according to what they want to do,” said Jason Gray, vice chair of the B.O.D. “It’s hard to do away with the program that we already have. It really wouldn’t be possible to join the two.”

The B.O.D. also decided unanimously to change the Visibility Committee’s name to the Marketing and Recruitment Committee. The committee will be in charge of developing and coordinating the marketing efforts and policies of the U.S.U.

The role of the Marketing and Recruitment Committee will now be to “recommend marketing policies, assist with assessing marketing efforts and make recommendations for the future direction of, and work collaboratively with, the U.S.U. Marketing Department to coordinate recruitment efforts.”

“The old name didn’t communicate correctly,” said Shantae Conliffe, student representative on the B.O.D. and last year’s Visibility Committee chair. “It was too broad to describe.”

The B.O.D. will meet again July 18.