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Pierce College professor gives lecture at CSUN to confront rape culture

Feminist James McKeever discussed society’s rape culture and the fact that a rape culture even exists during a lecture at CSUN on Wednesday.

McKeever, a professor at Pierce College, showed a few popular high-end brand advertisements that depicted rape to sell their products. One in particular was a Dolce & Gabana ad that showed a woman on her back with a half-naked man pinning her down while several other men watch and “wait their turn.” The advertisement as well as all other advertisements from that season’s 2006 campaign were banned in Spain.

When McKeever showed the advertisement in Cal State Los Angeles, McKeever said one young woman told him that she did not recognize the advertisement as a rape ad, but she recognized the shoes the model was wearing.

“These are how insidious these ads are,” says McKeever. “We talked about the concepts on misogyny about how men feel about women and objectifying them, but what is progressive about gang rape?”

When McKeever’s daughter was about 10 years old, her grandmother told her that she looked fat. His daughter then became body conscious and her behavior started to change. He noticed that she would get emotional when she would have to weigh herself.

“She felt this pressure that she was fat but she was just a little kid,” he said.

McKeever explained how there is a lot of visual and physical pressure for women to look a certain way in order to be accepted in society. If a woman is raped, she is often asked about what she was wearing, if she was drinking and how late she was out. He said these qustions often imply that somehow it was the woman’s fault for the reason she was raped.

In another show of slides, McKeever shows a still of a video that was posted on a social media website by a few young high school boys. The video shows a passed out teenage girl being carried by her feet then raped by six people. Only two of those boys were convicted. They later appeared on a news channel for an interview where they began to cry and a female reporter said, “How sad. These boy’s lives are now ruined.”

After she said that, McKeever said, many people including McKeever himself, were left confused because the boys were given sympathy, even after gang raping a young girl who was bullied at school and called a slut for what had happened to her.

In addition, McKeever said fraternities are the highest ranking group that rape. He said his solution for ending rape culture is to educate people through his lectures.

If you or anyone you know are a victim of rape, please contact the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) at 1-202-544-3064 for support.

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