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AS will continue to fund the farmers market

Due the student’s voices and opinions Associated Students has extended the farmers market for another two years through the passing of Senate Bill 2014-15-017 and support from the University Corporation.

Multiple surveys were sent out to students, faculty and administrators asking for their thoughts and opinions the about farmers market. From the survey response the CSUN community has made it clear that they enjoy the farmers market and hope to see it expand.

Talar Alexanian, AS vice president, announced that the farmers market will be extended for an additional two years. AS senate passed the bill which has now authorized the extension of the farmer’s market and AS support to fund it. The senate bill has authorized to fund the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 academic years. AS has also agreed to continue to survey students, staff and faculty to get their input on what vendors they would like to see.

“We are listening to the students and faculty voices,” said Chief of Staff and AS president-elect Jorge Reyes. “The market is a great opportunity for students and they have also said it gives the campus a more community vibe.”

For the 2015-2016 academic year, the entire cost of funding the market is $48,000. The majority of the items bought this semester were one time fees that do not need to be purchased again. This semester’s costs exceeded $30,000 due to those one time purchases.

Funding for the farmers market is now included into the AS Annual Budget. This semester’s fund was drawn solely from Unassigned Contingency.

The surveys were given during the 2015-2016 AS elections and in the fall 2014 semester prior to starting the market. According to AS, in the fall of 2014 data was collected from 3,000 students asking for their input on what to see sold at the market and what day best accommodates students to attend the market. According to AS, 95% of students surveyed said that would like to see the farmers market return.

“We are well invested in the farmers market,” Reyes said.

For the upcoming semester, Reyes hopes to conduct the 100 Day Initiative with his vice president Sevag Alexanian. The 100 Day Initiative will give the Reyes and Alexanian 100 days to go into 100 classrooms to give awareness of the impact and role AS plays on campus. They will also be getting input and opinions from students and letting them know about their upcoming programs.

“Having well trained and educated board members and senators will help with achieving everything AS wants to do next semester,” Reyes said. “It’s important for senators to advocate and consolidate with constituents to see what they want on campus.”

Reyes also stated that he hopes to build a bike shop on campus to help students who commute to school with their bike.

May 4th Meeting Highlights:

AS conducted the Tradition of the Gavel to conclude their final meeting as senate. A gavel was passed around and hit by any senator that was graduating or leaving AS.

The Tradition of the Duck was conducted by General Manager David Crandall.

AS approved SB 2014-15-013 known as ” AS Support of the Establishment of the California DREAM Work-Study Program” the bill will require AS to work with school administrators to educate DREAMERS on financial aid and scholarships.

AS approved SB 2014-15-014 which is titled “Support of SB 247 and the Development of CSUN Dream Center” which will allow CSUN to create an on-campus DREAM Center for undocumented students. The DREAM Center will assist with academic, financial and emotional help for students of AB 540.

AS approved the Internal Affairs Committee’s SB-2014-15-015 “AS Transportation Subsidy Program” which will continue the subsidy program of allowing students to receive a $10 subsidy price for their monthly Metro bus pass. AS will allocate $80,000 per fiscal year to meet the program’s goals.

AS approved two Motions Out of Committee to approve the AS Chair of Finance Code and the Operating Policies and Procedures for the Children’s Center.

A recommendation from the Sustainability Committee was approved by AS regarding Reverse Vending Machines, hydroponics on campus and recycled paper to be implanted in the new Sustainability Center.

AS senate approved SB-2014-15-016 known as the “Impaction and the Need for Additional Funding to the CSU” which indicated AS’s support to the university’s phase I plan of reducing incoming admissions by 1% each year to help reduce and maintain the number of enrollment into CSUN.

AS approved the constitutions of the Marriage and Family Therapy Network, CAL GEO and CSUN History Club.

AS allocated $7,100 from Unassigned Contingency to the American Society of Civil Engineers for the National Student Steel Bridge Competition.

AS allocated $7,500 to CSUN Mobile Robot Club for their program Intelligent Ground Vehicle.

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