Documentary focuses on the media’s minimal attention to third parties in politics

Antione Bowman

“Left Out: Beyond the Two-Party Horse Race,” a documentary film featuring philosopher Noam Chomsky, former presidential candidate Ralph Nader and journalist Amy Goodman, will screen in CSUN’s Armer Theater in Manzanita Hall on Friday at 7 p.m.

The film, produced, written, and directed by Jesse Ickler, a graduate student in the mass communications program, explains the topic the minimal coverage in the media of third party candidates when compared to the coverage Democrats and Republicans receive.

Before the idea came to him, Ickler said he was considering a film related to the arts, but instead he found himself traveling up and down the east coast, lugging equipment around with a small crew.

“It was pretty hard,” Ickler said of the filming process. “I did a lot of it alone, carrying microphones and cameras and tripods. But I had one or two people helping me out.”

“Left Out” also explores the effects that corporate owned media has on politics through the voices of Chomsky, Nader, Goodman and the 2014 California governorship campaign of Los Angeles poet laureate Luis Rodriguez, when he ran as a candidate for the Green Party.

“I set out to find out whether democracy is working, whether we have a democracy,” Ickler said. “I was starting to believe that maybe we didn’t. I figured out, according to Chomsky anyway, it’s a plutocracy.”