Letter From The Editor: Editorial Standards


The March for Justice travels from Little Armenia to the Turkish Consulate for the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Los Angeles. Hovik Stepanian/Photographer

Manny D. Araujo

The mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 is a heated issue. Currently much of the tension surrounding the killings involves its recognition as genocide. Both the Turkish and US government avoid using the term in reference to the tragedy.

Recently The Sundial covered the 100th anniversary of the killings in an article, which did not meet our editorial standards. The article did not provide context behind the US’s reluctance to use the term genocide and the relationships it has on political ties with Turkey.

This was disappointing because we believe that the issues surrounding the use of the term had reasonable points contrary to those we represented. Those points were left unconsidered because we did not cover them.

In our news coverage, you should expect that the issues in question are assessed completely and all voices are given a chance to speak. In terms of our article, this meant providing you with coverage that is more thoughtful. This would have allowed the issue to be understood more completely.

As a result, we will return to the issue in an upcoming article. The coverage will provide a voice from an expert on US-Turkish relations and give more voice from the Armenian community on the use of the term genocide.