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CSUN student fees beyond tuition

CSUN students walk through the USU, where the Associated Students, the Student Recreation Center and other services are available on campus. Photo credit: File Photo/The Sundial

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A college tuition can add up with additional fees, but are CSUN students using the resources they pay for with the six fees on top of tuition?

According to CSUN’s student finance page, there are six additional fees students are charged per semester along with the standard undergraduate and graduate tuition payment. These fees include the associated students fee, student union, instructionally-related activities, facilities fee, health services and campus quality fee.

In total this charges CSUN undergraduate and graduate students pay around $550 per semester on top of tuition. In total CSUN’s additional fees are $10 less than the CSU Sacramento additional fees cost, $20 more than CSU Channel Islands, $60 more than CSU Long Beach and $260 more than CSU Los Angeles.

According to the student finance page, the fees can change and will only increase when public funding is inadequate.

“I feel like there’s pros and cons, because you won’t be utilizing everything you’re paying for,” biology major Steve Nam said. “At the same time since you’re paying everything it’s there for your use and I think it’s best that you utilize it. For those who don’t utilize it, it’s extra fees on top of tuition.”

The additional fees on top of student tuition isn’t something every CSUN student knows they’re paying.

“I knew there were extra charges past tuition, but I didn’t know what I was paying for,” Nam said. “If I knew what I was paying for I’d probably check it out.”

The most expensive of the six fees is the student union fee, which will be $268 in the Fall 2015 Semester. According to student accounting the student union fee consists of the Student Recreation Center and other buildings that serve the student population. The second most is the campus quality fee and the A.S. fee, which will range from $50 to $110 Fall of 2015.

Included in the health services fee is the services offered at the Klotz Student Health Center. According to the Klotz website, the health center provides services at a little or no cost. Low cost medical services, laboratory and x-ray facilities, dental and vision care are offered to current faculty and students.

“I use the Klotz Center if I’m feeling under the weather,” business major Somatra Chhum said. “I feel like those resources [of health services] really help, because health wise, it’s important for me that I’m fit.

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